* Bead as if you were to die tomorrow. *

'Kitties Tessellation' has also been published in the B&B, June 1, 2015 '2015 Collector's Edition',

My wonderful husband of 27 years puts up with all the mess involved with beading and designing in my studio, which is the whole house. I was a teacher in the 70's and 80's, a legal assistant in the 90's and a professional driver in the 2000's.

I don't suggest any dyed or galvanized beads in my patterns because they fade and the color rubs off with time. I also don't recommend using satin/silk beads because they tend to cut thread and because they are thinner than other Delica beads, they break easily. It would be a shame to put money, time and effort into your piece only to have the color change, the thread cut or the beads break. I want your beadwork to last forever. My color choices are only suggestions, but please remember to avoid dyed, galvanized and satin beads, so you won't be disappointed later.

The P or R after the Delica's Mfg Code represents whether the bead (P)ops or comes forward or (R)ecedes. PR or RP indicates that the bead can pop or recede depending on the type of bead finish it is next to. Keep this in mind when changing my suggested colors.

I hope you enjoy your jewelry patterns as much as I have enjoyed designing them. Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop. Come back soon, as I have 100s of patterns that I will be listing in my Beadholden Designs Shop. Until we speak again, have fun and BEad HAPPY!

Later and Love,

Lesha McPhearson aka
Beadholden Designs

*May you bead as long as you want,
And never want as long as you bead.*

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