Loom Bead Pattern for Kitties Tessellation Cuff Bracelet

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This pattern is also available in Peyote Stitch. This is for the pattern only and is not for a completed bracelet.

A big Thank You goes out to my wonderful Bead Angels; Bonnie Taubert loomed the bracelet with the green background and Georgia Grisolia - GGs Designs, loomed the other cuff bracelet displayed.

The beading that is still on the loom is Donna Zattau's work. She is using 3 colors of Delica 11/0 seed beads, Fireline and needle.

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
Large, realistic, color image of the design;
List of Delica 11s with Mfg #s and bead counts;
Large, easy to read, color coded symbol chart;
Large easy to read font, color coded word chart.

Approximate Finished Size Without Clasp:
Loom: 1.8 x 7.6 inches
Bracelet size is adjustable, as desired, by adding or omitting rows &/or columns. Use size 15/0 to create a smaller bracelet with a much more delicate, intricate design.

Pages to Print:
Loom: 3 Symbol Chart or 4 Word Chart

Supplies Used:
2 suggested colors of Delica 11/0 seed beads, bead thread or Fireline, needle & clasp

Skill Level & Technique:
Beginner to Advanced (NO Instructions)
Requires General Knowledge of:
Loom or Square Stitch or

Be sure to contact me to get my 4 COMPLIMENTARY PDFs, for size 11s and 15s, which list the Delica 'Safe Beads' I have compiled. I don't suggest any dyed or galvanized beads in the palettes because they fade and the color rubs off with time. I also don't use satin/silk beads because they tend to cut the beading thread and because they are thinner than other Delicas, they break very easily. It would be a shame to put money, time and effort into your piece only to have the color change, the thread cut or the beads break. I want your beaded art to last forever. The colors of my designs are only suggestions, but please remember to avoid dyed, galvanized and satin/silk beads, so you won't be disappointed later.

The 4 COMPLIMENTARY 'Safe Beads' Lists also indicate the bead finishes that will either pop or recede in your beadwork. The P or R after the Delica's Mfg # represents whether the bead (P)ops (comes forward) or (R)ecedes (fades into the background) of the design. PR or RP indicates that the bead can either pop or recede depending on the type of bead finish it is next to. Keep this in mind if you change my suggested colors.

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Thanks for visiting my shop. I have 100s of patterns to list, so check back often to see new ones. I hope you enjoy beading up my patterns as much as I enjoy designing them and until we speak again, BEad HAPPY!

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Loom Bead Pattern for Kitties Tessellation Cuff Bracelet Loom Bead Pattern for Kitties Tessellation Cuff Bracelet Loom Bead Pattern for Kitties Tessellation Cuff Bracelet