2 Drop Peyote Bead Pattern for Native American Rug #8 Cuff Bracelet

$4.00 USD


Product Description

I also offer a loom pattern for this design. This pattern will bead up very quickly using the 2 drop peyote stitch.

Size in beads: 38x120 (2.1" x 8")using 6 suggested colors of size 11 Miyuki Delicas that are durable 'Safe Beads' - beads that don't break easily, fade, rub off or cut the thread.

Be sure to get my 4 complimentary PDFs which lists the Delica 'Safe Beads' I have compiled and it also indicates the bead finishes that will either pop or recede in your beadwork.

No instructions given, but instructions are found in many places.

Print the page/s you want: 4 pages for color symbol graph and/or 10 pages for word chart.

PDF includes: large color image, color coded symbol graph, word chart that reads left to right reverse and a list of the amount of each bead color needed to complete project.

I have 100s of patterns to list, so check back often to see new ones. Thanks for visiting and checking out my designs. BEad HAPPY!